Online Education: Boon or Bane

Online Education: Boon or Bane

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  • If you really want to interact socially you still can do that despite your frantic schedule. In reality, online education is evenly effective as the schooling we receive inside the traditional institutes. Mingling does not mean you have to stay out with your friends and also have some fun 24 hours a day. Just a couple of minutes or perhaps an hour will do. It's important to give yourself a split to make you function effectively. Studying wants a break. Just like devices it also needs to sleep if not it will also failure.

    The education system has seen a sea change in the recent past and with the evolution of ICT or Information and Communications Technology, a new genre of e-learning or online education has emerged very successfully. Online education or e-learning or ICT assisted instructional methodology is the keyword of higher education now. With the advent of technology and communication systems, education has taken a new form and design. All educational institutions are now opting for the 'techy' mode of teaching. Teachers are now facilitators in the entire teaching-learning process. Learning is more of fun and less of burden because of the electronic resources available to them. Even schools have adopted the e-learning system like the Educomp Smart class teaching modules to enhance retention and recapitulation of learnt concepts. As the age-old adage goes,

    * The biggest beneficiaries of learning through means of technology are school or college going students. Students mostly are laden with tough and complicated assignments from their institutes. Besides, most of the time they find it hard to comprehend the concept of the subject as teachers just explain it once in classroom and move forward. Here, online education helps the students’ big time. There are various websites that offer their services to such students. Students can have access to all sorts of solutions. They can hire a person through these websites to have their problem solved. For instance, a student struggling with accounting assignment can sign up with such website and hire an accounting tutor.

    The Harvard Extension school which is a division of Harvard proper, was established more than a hundred years ago. It enable students from around the world to access the prestigious name and high educational standards of Harvard University. It has been called ´Harvards best-kept secret. If you are planning to take an Online Classes at Harvard or Harvard Extension you must keep in mind that it is accessible, in terms of online access and low tuition, but here are many degrees that include a minimum residency period. So you need to do some research befor actually taking admissions into this famous university.

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